We all love to watch scary horror movies on Halloween.


Scary Horror Movies is fantastic for discovering new pictures or revisiting your best loved subgenres. With a slate of movie oddities diverse enough for even the jaded collector, the site fulfills a nice little niche. Plus, the streaming is entirely free. Horror fans have a wealth of avenues to pursue. Watching one movie can open an entire subgenre. And for the horror lover there’s few joys more satisfying than watching a movie, loving it, and going in search of more just like it. Think of when you watched your first Universal monster movie. Or when you watched your first Lucio Fulci. Or HG Lewis. Or Val Lewton. Horror is vastly tentacled, just like its Lovecraftian progeny. Scary Horror Movies reflects this diversity in its selection. And you never know when that one movie will strike you. When it does, you’re off to find more.

The best part of the site? No Hollywood cookie-cutter blockbusters. Some of the films are derivative and made simply for a buck, Attack of the Giant Leeches comes to mind. But the poverty of movies like Leeches and The Screaming Skull exudes charm. Jesse James meets Frankenstein’s Daughter is a schlock classic, despite the hungry for a dollar agenda. Some of the site’s offering are disturbing and zero-budget gems. House of the Flesh Mannequins, the 2009 Italian picture is an example. The Japanese shocker Suicide Club is another. And some of the movies are just fun time killers. Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! is an offbeat shot at tongue-in-cheek horror that entertains on a bizarre level. Yakuza Hunters is nothing but fun. And you can’t forget classics like Night of the Living Dead and Shadow of the Vampire (a unique fantasy about the filming of Nosferatu). No matter how long you’ve been discovering and exploring the horror genre, you’ll find something new, maybe something scary, at Scary Horror Movies. Check out the short, Don’t Move. At a tight fifteen minutes, the film’s a blast. Or maybe you should revisit The Driller Killer. How long has it been?

Great streaming service! And it’s all free!

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